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The Future of Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent

The Future of Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent By Waheeduddin Ahmed
“Should India really rejoice when the one lecturing and threatening Pakistan is Trump, a disgrace to all that is good about America? Have we Indians become so blind with prejudice as to forget that America and other western powers have contributed enormously to the growth of terrorism and Islamist extremism around the world?.” Thus laments Sudheendra Kulkarni (Jan. 02, 2018, NDTV), who was an aide to India’s former prime minister: Atal Bihari Vajpayee. His is a voice in wilderness, drowned in the boisterous celebrations in India on President Trump’s new year tweet accusing and insulting Pakistan. Donald Trump is popular at only two places on the globe: half of Israel and almost all of Hindu India, not even in America, where his approval rating is around 30%. What a disgrace for a people, whose leader once led the Non-aligned nations and who was a vocal advocate of peace and justice and where Gandhi stood as a demigod to…
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Salahuddin, We Are Ashamed

Jerusalem was lost and regained by Muslims several times in history, first to Crusaders in 1099, regained by Salahuddin in 1187 after the battle of Hattin; lost again to the British when General Allenby entered the city in 1917 and declared:  “Only now have the Crusades ended”, regained once more when the Arab Legion of King Abdullah the First captured the city in 1948 in the first Arab - Israeli war and then lost to the Israelis in 1967 by his grandson Hussain. Is this the final outcome? The question has been thrown to us to decide. Shamefully, we are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world versus 12.4 million Jews, a 150 to one ratio!
Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was an election promise to placate the Jewish Zionists and the Christian Right. It also reflected the candidate’s own phobias. It was therefore expected that he would act on his promise.  Also expected was an explosive reaction in the Arab Street, only that the explosion did not happen, at least not imm…

Shape Up or Perish

I am not going to start by saying: I told you so, although I am tempted. Mr. Donald Trump is the president elect and the world will now be a different place. How different? Only time will tell but if the world changes, what will happen to those who are ill-prepared, unable or unwilling to change? The answer is in the title.
There is a shift in the outlook and attitudes of people world over. The working class in the industrialized world is seeing itself as a victim of globalization, of indiscreet immigration policies of governments, terrorism and its perceived causes, jobs redistribution --- disappearance of manufacturing jobs and their replacement with technology jobs which the locals cannot fill. Globalization requires capital as well as population redistribution. The introduction of ethnic diversity in a socially tranquil society creates strong undercurrents of unease, which are easily exploitable by fear mongers.
Muslims on the planet are caught in a vortex of chaos, victims of thei…

The Crisis of Competence in the Middle East: Half a Century of Humiliations

A learned friend of mine asked me a question: “Is this the lowest point in history for Muslims or was it the Mongol devastation of Baghdad?” To me the question was perhaps improperly phrased because we, as people are a part of history at this point of time and are actors in the drama which is being played out. So, are we any better or worse than the people who lived in Baghdad at that time? Let me leave the answer to the readers.
You can divide the modern history of the Middle East into five parts:
1.The colonial period 2.The Nasser Era 3.The post-six-day war era 4.The post-nine-eleven era 5.The post-Arab Spring era
I see three common elements in the dynamics of all the five parts:
a.Arab (Muslim) incompetence   b.The hostility of the Christian world spearheaded  by the United States of America c.Israel supported by the World Jewry.
All the three factors have contributed to the catastrophes that have occurred. So would it not be logical to assume that a change in any one of the three elements …

Bombs, Beards, Drones and the Clash of Civilizations

Bombs, beards, drones, Islamic extremism and Islamophobia are phenomena, which are manifest on the screen of current affairs. We also see suicide vests, rape and pillage and hear talks of carpet bombing. These are all our perceptions from the worm’s eye view, which does not allow us to see much. A bird’s eye view however, available to history philosophers like Ibn Khaldun, Spengler, Toynbee and others  would allow us to see much more in terms of cause and effect but if we have such people in our midst, their voices are muted or drowned in the noise of  irrelevance.
So, what do we need to see? Well! To begin with, let us put “clash of civilizations” in the perspective, although the term is inadequate since civilizations do not have discrete boundaries; they overlap and are sometimes diffused.
First let us begin from the dawn of the Islamic civilization, the bursting out of the spore sac of the Arabian Peninsula in the Seventh century of the Common Era. The desert dwellers of that time we…

Propaganda: An Art of War

There were two pieces of news today, which were very disturbing: one, in which a Yazidi girl, now living among Kurds, described her ordeal while in captivity in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  She was twelve years old when she became a “slave-wife” of an ISIS fighter, who performed prayers in front of her before and after raping her, declaring that it was all in accordance with the dictates of Islam. In the second piece of news, the leader of ISIS himself is reported to have taken the American hostage Kayla Mueller as his “slave-wife”. Mueller was later killed in a bombing raid by the Coalition Forces. These reports are enough to fill one with extreme disgust. However, if you are an anti-Islam propagandist, it should bring you to ecstasy. What more damaging material would you need to defame Islam and Muslims in the eyes of the world?
As a consequence of what we have been told by the news media, ISIS and Al-Qaeda could not possibly be in our approval list. Their sectarian agenda …